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Online ordering that will set you apart from the competition

Battle-tested reliability
Online Ordering Online Ordering
Battle-tested reliability
Proven success in the US market and experience processing over 90% of restaurant revenues through LP's platform. Advanced security measures are in place to safeguard customer personal data.
Online Ordering Online Ordering
Content personalization
Personalize offers according to customer behavior and preferences, significantly boosting engagement and conversion rates.
Personalized & dynamic main screen
Online Ordering Online Ordering
Commission-free ordering
Our system is designed to grow your revenue while protecting it from high commission fees charged by third-party apps
Online Ordering Online Ordering

Restaurant online ordering that your customers
will prefer over aggregators

Engaging rewards catalogue
The rewards catalog offers a bonus scheme that can be easily adjusted to optimize costs without causing significant customer dissatisfaction
Online Ordering Online Ordering
Time-saving repeat order
Speed up checkout by allowing returning customers to reorder from past purchases and use their saved payment method
Online Ordering Online Ordering
Online Ordering
Flexible Order Options
Give customers the convenience of choosing their preferred ordering method: delivery, pickup, dine-in, or curbside
Online Ordering
Smart menu customization
Offer visually appealing combo builders, menu suggestions, and modifiers to improve customer experience and streamline ordering
Online Ordering
Online Order
Cut down on customer calls by keeping them updated on their order status and displaying the courier's location on a map
Online Ordering Online Ordering

Everything your restaurant needs to sell online

Native mobile UX 
A fast, responsive, and convenient user
interface created based on the
behavioral analysis of over 20 million
end users of our apps
Online Ordering Online Ordering
Online Ordering
Marketing campaigns
Сampaigns are designed with careful consideration of each step in the flow, from scheduling and reminders to CTAs and automation, to ensure maximum conversion rates. 

Online Ordering
Branded website
Make your website stand out with a fully customizable design that reflects the unique look and feel of your brand
Online Ordering Online Ordering
Online Ordering
Seamless integrations
Our solution easily integrates into your existing infrastructure, including POS and courier services
Online Ordering
Loyalty program
Increase visit frequency and LTV with tiered gamification, offering new bonuses and perks at each new level
Online Ordering Online Ordering
Other enterprise-grade features
Delivery zones
Improve your efficiency by managing delivery zones and providing all necessary information during the ordering process
Online Ordering Online Ordering
Off-Peak Hours Promotion
Incentivize customers with extra points on orders placed during pre-selected low-traffic periods
Online Ordering Online Ordering
Featured Items Promotion
Encourage orders of new or less popular menu items by offering extra points for their purchase
Online Ordering Online Ordering
Quality Control System
Streamline and automate negative feedback processing, offering gifts to resolve customer issues
Online Ordering Online Ordering
Customer analytics
Simplify your analytics with an easy-to-use dashboard that turns raw data into actionable strategies for informed decision-making
Online Ordering Online Ordering
CRM system
Gather customer data from all sources into a single guest profile, including order history and food preferences
Online Ordering Online Ordering
Referral Program
Reduce marketing expenses by attracting new customers through your guests' recommendation
Online Ordering Online Ordering
Birthday Greetings
Surprise customers with gifts or points on their special day. Drive purchases and deepen engagement and loyalty
Online Ordering Online Ordering
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Customer Success Stories
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What our Clients Say
Balance Grille
Asian-Fusion Restaurant Chain, 5 stores in Ohio

“The LoyaltyPlant platform drives results with a feature-rich app and a powerful integrated marketing program that helps the chain stay ahead of the competition.”

Online Ordering
Online Ordering
Prakash Karamchandani
Co-Founder of Balance Grille
7 Leaves Cafe
Bubble Tea Chain, 40+ stores in the USA

"Thanks to LoyaltyPlant, we provided our customers with an easy-to-use app that hit the ground running after launch. With the app’s built-in loyalty program, 52 percent of users used the app at least twice a month. The CRM feature allowed us to gain a better understanding of our customers. And the seamless integration with our POS system ensured orders placed through the app were processed just like in-store orders."

Online Ordering
Online Ordering
Newton Hoang
Marketing & IT Director
Sumo Sushi
Japanese Chain Restaurant, 8+ stores in the Middle East

“We are huge fans of running an effective loyalty program. It has allowed us to direct communication, customize, incentivize and measure the effectiveness of specific campaigns and incentives within our target demographic.
Having in-app ordering directly connected to loyalty has allowed us to engage directly with the individual buyer. We are able to better measure the results of loyalty connecting to the incentives and the engagement with each buyer.”

Darami Coulter
Global Marketing and Communication Manager
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Online Ordering
Online Ordering
Online Ordering
Online Ordering
Online Ordering
Online Ordering
Online Ordering
Online Ordering
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Will I be able to manage marketing on my own with your platform?

Our platform is user-friendly and doesn’t require specialized marketing knowledge. However, if you need extra support, we’ll provide a dedicated Success Manager to help with your campaign plans and boost your marketing and loyalty metrics