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Success Stories
Papa Johns
International Pizza Chain, 80+ stores in the UAE
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Papa Johns Case Study:

Challenged by the high commission fees charged by food delivery aggregators and audience attachment to discounts, Papa Johns launched the customer-first app to grow long-term value and direct ordering channels. As a result, the app allowed the company to reduce reliance on heavy discounts and still achieve impressive increases in visit frequency, sales, and average check size.

The dynamics of annual sales
Success Stories

annual sales growth
in 2 years after app launch despite the COVID-crisis

Success Stories
Balance Grille
Asian-Fusion Restaurant Chain, 5 stores in Ohio
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Balance Grille Case Study:

After two unsuccessful attempts to create an app, Balance Grille launched the LoyaltyPlant white-label mobile solution with an all-in-one marketing & ordering platform to foster innovation within the company. As a result, a brand-new, engaging, and full-scale customer experience app led to higher visit frequency and now generates 80% of their revenue.

The dynamics of average visit frequency for app users
Success Stories
YOY average visit frequency increase for an app user
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Success Stories
7 Leaves Cafe
Bubble Tea Chain, 40+ stores in the USA
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7 Leaves Cafe Case Study:

Faced with an issue of fierce competition in the market dominated by large multinational brands, the 7 Leaves Cafe launched a user-friendly app to attract, build a bond, and engage customers beyond the typical transactional relationship. And now, the flagship app with a personalized interface and loyalty program stands out among other brands in the highly competitive coffee & tea market.

2 comparable locations revenue dynamics
Success Stories

increased same-store revenue growth

on average in 8 months after app launch

Success Stories
Sumo Sushi
Japanese Chain Restaurant, 8+ stores in the Middle East
Success StoriesSuccess StoriesSuccess Stories

Sumo Sushi Case Study

In a hyper-competitive market targeted at its core audience, Sumo Sushi & Bento launched a mobile app to increase emotional engagement and loyalty. And by rewarding the best users, sending personalized & relevant messaging, and using other features of the Loyaltyplant platform, the app is now in customers' hands every day.

Regular customers share dynamics
Success Stories
increase in the share of regulars (customer cohort with 2+ orders / month)
Success Stories
The Fat Pizza
Pizza Restaurant Chain, 20+ stores in the UK
Success StoriesSuccess StoriesSuccess Stories

Fat Pizza Case Study

Operating as a ghost kitchen, Fat Pizza struggled with high customer acquisition costs and infrequent orders due to no walk-in traffic. In response, they launched a personalized mobile app to enhance customer loyalty and raise brand awareness. This initiative led to a 30% increase in their share of regular customers and a user base of over 200,000 through the app.

Win-back campaign
Success Stories

Incremental marginal profit from 1 win-back campaign per store

(accounted for food cost and free pizza cost)

Success Stories
L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
Hawaiian Barbecue, 200+ stores in the USA
Success StoriesSuccess StoriesSuccess Stories

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue Case Study

With seasonal declines and a need to increase customer engagement, L&L Hawaiian Barbecue launched a restaurant mobile app with ready-made campaign scenarios and gamification. As a result, the in-app lottery campaign successfully mitigated the 25% seasonal decline, increased order frequency, and fostered emotional loyalty.

Lottery campaign during seasonal decline
Success Stories

Incremental marginal profit per store
during the lottery campaign

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What our Clients Say
Prakash Karamchandani
Co-Founder of Balance Grille
Success Stories
“The LoyaltyPlant platform drives results with afeature-rich app and a powerful integrated marketingprogram that helps the chain stay ahead of thecompetition. It has a bonus loyalty program thatcombines a simple earning mechanism with the PointsRedemption Marketplace where free menu items areused as rewards. This approach drives higherengagement and does not take awayfrom revenue.”
Darami Coulter
Global Marketing and Communication Manager Sumo Sushi & Bento
Success Stories
“We are huge fans of running an effective loyalty program. It has allowed us to direct communication, customize, incentivize and measure the effectiveness of specific campaigns and incentives within our target demographic. Having in-app ordering directly connected to loyalty has allowed us to engage directly with the individual buyer. We are able to better measure the results of loyalty connecting to the incentives and the engagement with each buyer.”
Newton Hoang
Marketing & IT Director
Success Stories
"Thanks to LoyaltyPlant, we provided our customers with an easy-to-use app that hit the ground running after launch. With the app’s built-in loyalty program, 52 percent of users used the app at least twice a month. The CRM feature allowed us to gain a better understanding of our customers. And the seamless integration with our POS system ensured orders placed through the app were processed just like in-store orders."
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