Key Benefits

Key Benefits

We offer a comprehensive ecosystem of features that seamlessly fit together.


Loyalty Program

How does it work

Earning Points

After making a payment customer clicks on “Loyalty Card” section of the app

  • Employee scans the QR-code from client's phone

  • Customer gets loyalty points right after the card is scanned

Redeeming Rewards

  • Customer easily checks their points balance and see photos of available rewards

  • Customer chooses one of the rewards available. Then the customer shows the QR code to a waiter or cashier to scan it and gets the reward to enjoy


Digital Ordering

No manual work
for reconciliation

all orders
are tracked in POS

menu update

your menu automatically syncs with POS system, so there's no manual work for menu update

operational speed

all digital orders
go straight to your
kitchen printer!

More extended
targeting options

instore + digital orders
purchase history
based targeting

How does it work

  • Customers place orders through their
    white-label mobile app

  • Orders are received in restaurant's

  • All sales are tracked in POS-system

  • Orders are automatically printed using
    your existing printer


Strategic Partnership

Papa John’s Middle East

Mutual clients LP+iiko in Middle East -
Papa John’s


Open Service

We are partners
with iiko biggest resellers
- Open Service


LoyaltyPlant & Iiko Customerst

Leverage your Revel POS with LoyaltyPlant
Mobile Engagement

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