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LoyaltyPlant is an all-in-one suite of tools that will help you launch a direct ordering channel, know your customers, develop strong loyalty, and stay ahead of the competition.
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    What our Clients Say
    Prakash Karamchandani
    Co-Founder ofBalance Grille
    “The LoyaltyPlant platform drives results with afeature-rich app and a powerful integrated marketingprogram that helps the chain stay ahead of thecompetition. It has a bonus loyalty program thatcombines a simple earning mechanism with the PointsRedemption Marketplace where free menu items areused as rewards. This approach drives higherengagement and does not take awayfrom revenue.”
    Darami Coulter
    Global Marketing and Communication Manager Sumo Sushi & Bento
    “We are huge fans of running an effective loyalty program. It has allowed us to direct communication, customize, incentivize and measure the effectiveness of specific campaigns and incentives within our target demographic. Having in-app ordering directly connected to loyalty has allowed us to engage directly with the individual buyer. We are able to better measure the results of loyalty connecting to the incentives and the engagement with each buyer.”
    Newton Hoang
    Marketing & IT Director
    "Thanks to LoyaltyPlant, we provided our customers with an easy-to-use app that hit the ground running after launch. With the app’s built-in loyalty program, 52 percent of users used the app at least twice a month. The CRM feature allowed us to gain a better understanding of our customers. And the seamless integration with our POS system ensured orders placed through the app were processed just like in-store orders."