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Webinar: Empower Your Revel POS System With The Mobile Loyalty And Ordering Solution


As a Revel existing or potential partner, your business has a competitive advantage thanks to the strategic partnership between Revel Systems and LoyaltyPlant. For over 7 years LoyaltyPlant has been providing digital ordering and mobile customer loyalty solutions for over 600 restaurant brands. Some of the brands include KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Hooters. We are holding a webinar about the integrated solution on 10 April.

Mobile ordering and digital loyalty programs have rapidly become required offerings for merchants, as 73 percent of millennials report that they make purchases directly on their smartphones, and 85 percent of loyalty program members prefer interacting with their favorite loyalty program online. 

“By expanding our suite of loyalty program integrations, our customers can now offer mobile ordering with a robust mobile loyalty program that integrates with a Revel POS. This makes for easier and more intuitive management for business owners and operators, and allows for them to build deeper relationships with their customers, all while increasing sales,” said Revel COO Bobby Marhamat.

Would you like to learn more about how this integration works and what business goals it's already bringing to restaurant owners? 

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