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LoyaltyPlant Partners with OrderLord to Offer Restaurants a Revenue-Boosting Technology

Now restaurants can manage their multiple location deliveries and promote repeating orders effortlessly. LoyaltyPlant is an all-in-one marketing solution integrating a white-label loyalty & digital ordering mobile app with a reward program and a powerful desktop CRM system. The solution is built based on the experience of working with 580 brands (including KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut) and the behavior analysis of 10 million users. The CRM system allows to manage, segment and analyze a customer base and launch highly personalized marketing campaigns on the fly.

OrderLord is delivery management software sets for restaurants and chains to become more efficient in managing, dispatching and routing orders. The software based on order tracking and real-time order updates creates a more efficient process and provide them to take full control over their delivery service. It helps restaurants not only to reduce late deliveries by improving the reliability of their delivery, reduce costs and increase profits but also to boost customer experience and loyalty and grow the restaurant's brand. OrderLord provides management software with automatic dispatching, kitchen screens, apps for delivery guys, order tracker for customers, lightweight POS and reports. 


‘With this helpful set of software tools restaurants will improve their overall performance and make sure every dollar is used wisely. “The integration between OrderLord and LoyaltyPlant came into existence with the idea to provide better services to our customers. LoyaltyPlant is one of the best loyalty solutions on the market and we are happy to have this opportunity to cooperate with them. We've enjoyed the cooperation and a great customer service since the beginning.’ Dušan Koutný, CEO & Co-founder of OrderLord. 


‘The cooperation with the OrderLord team has been fantastic. Ultimately, our common goal is to help businesses increase revenue and streamline operations by offering an out-of-the-box solution that includes Digital Ordering, Loyalty, POS integration, and Delivery Service Management. With LoyaltyPlant and OrderLord, hospitality businesses only need our two solutions to offer all these functionalities.’ Joe Caraballo, Business Development Director at LoyaltyPlant. 


The first who tried the integration was the UK pizza chain The Fat Pizza. The project has just been launched, and all three parties are looking forward to reaching outstanding results.