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How to promote your business app to benefit from it?

How to promote your business app to benefit from it?

When you finally have your business own mobile app up and running, it’s important to focus on increasing the number of active users and growing the number of app installs from your target audience. Please see below for common promotional practices and examples that we recommended for our customers to best engage with their audience. 

Utilize your customer database and increase awareness using your brand’s web presence.

Place information about the app on your company website

  • Display a promotional banner on your website
  • Post an update on your blogs and articles section
  • Publish information about the app on your restaurant’s Wi-Fi landing page (if applicable)

Publish information about the app on all available social media channels

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube 
  • Use Deeplinks to forward guests to your app or app landing page. Deeplink is a button on your social media page that makes it possible to open your app from that specific page.

Inform the current customer base

  • Reach out to your existing customer database using email and/or SMS notifications if you have access to customer data from your POS or previous loyalty programs.

Referral Program

  • The Referral Program can be one of the most effective ways to promote the app and increase the number of active users. The default scheme provides 10 points per download of the app and 100 points for a user’s first purchase.
  • You can also combine a special campaign with the referral program to provide extra incentive for users to download the app. Ex: Running a campaign that rewards double points during this period for referrals.
  • We can also create special promo codes for different channels of promotion to track their effectiveness. It is also possible to configure this code for replacing the standard welcome gift. A guest can get their normal welcome gift for an install without a special promo code but can redeem a more valuable item if the special promo code is used.

Promote the app using in-store promotional tactics

Use provided promotional materials. Place posters in high traffic areas:

  • In the main walkway
  • Next to information about public Wi-Fi
  • On the bar counter
  • Next to restrooms

Distribute leaflets:

  • Place leaflets in between menu pages
  • Use with tabletop flyer holders
  • Place in baskets next to silverware 
  • Provide leaflets with check or receipt
  • Place in bags used for delivery orders
  • Hand out leaflets in the street close to the store location
  • Pass out promo materials via mailboxes around the area

Other Methods:

  • Use promotional material on the menu. Ex: Add a special icon next to a menu item that indicates you can get this item as a reward
  • Place QR code stickers around the store that directs to the app download page
  • Insert promotional information leaflets on trays
  • Spread awareness about the app during promotional events at the store

The most effective way to promote app installation is from the recommendation of staff. Be sure to add in the service process for your employees the following practices:

  • When making an order, ask the guest: "Do you have our app?" Recommend it, tell about its features and benefits.
  • Upon payment ask guests to scan their loyalty card and get points for ordering.

Run promotional contests using social media:

  • Use tags

You can hold a photography contest: "Post a photo with your favorite item and place the tag “#brand_name” and write your App ID. All participants will get 100 points, the 3 best photos will be rewarded with a free combo meal!”

  • Use reposts

You can also use viral sharing of news through social networks by launching a competition such as getting the maximum number of likes or reposts on a post. 
As a prize, you can send points or any a menu item through the mobile application.

Cross marketing programs

You can also think to utilize any current partners and place promotional materials in their store. Exchange advertising with the companies that organize events in your location.
Use special promo codes for clients from your partner’s company.