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Fast Casual: Balance Grille's mobile app upgrade leads to more traffic


Original article on FastCasual.com


After a few attempts, Balance Pan Asian Grille has launched a mobile app that works well for operations and customers. The chain — which posted a 17 percent average check growth over the last year — endured an intense planning and development process with LoyaltyPlant to create a mobile app, according to the company.  Balance founder Prakash Karamchandani had made two previous attempts to develop an app, but he and his partner, Ho Chan Jang, weren't happy with those results. 


Balance Grille's latest approach, however, was two-fold: target customers' most pressing needs and avoid clearly identified mistakes in other restaurant apps. The interface needed to be engaging, the loyalty program accessible, and the app fun to use, according to LoyaltyPlant. Additionally, app communication needed to be managed to provide the appropriate experience for their core customer base. 


The results
The mobile app proved to be an efficient sales channel with 32 percent of all pickup orders being made through the app. In terms of customer engagement, 45 percent of sales are now connected to the mobile app, with 62 percent of active users logging into the app every month, and every third customer using the app.


It also helped to increase brand awareness. Over the past 18 months, loyal customers recommended the app 755 times, further proving its usefulness. Additionally, each post was viewed, on average, 70 times. That’s more than 50,000 impressions from personalized recommendations, according to LoyaltyPlant.


Customers seem happy, according to LoyaltyPlant, which reported that 85 percent of Balance Grille's customers said they would recommend the app. Another 33 percent reported visiting Balance Grille more because of the app, including a 15 percent increase in "heavy" user visits.