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5 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty with Mobile Apps


How to build brand loyalty is a continuous question for many businesses, and building a relationship with clients can be a challenge. Creating a product that is not just useful, but also engaging, in today’s highly competitive markets can be difficult – but not impossible. Luckily, modern businesses can increase their presence and quality of their product in one go – all via a customer’s smartphone. With a good app, a business will gain new customers and retain current ones by building a long-term relationship. Here are five ways businesses can build customer loyalty with a mobile app.


1. Keep the customer in the loop

Using the app to personally notify the user about latest updates, openings and changes will keep the customer interested and the business relevant. Letting the customer know that the brand is developing and the product evolving will ensure their consistent interest. Sharing selected updates will allow the business project an image of a progressive and modern company. All in all, keeping information interesting and relevant will keep the customer opening the app – and coming back to the business.


2. Reward customer loyalty

The most valuable customers are not the kind of people who walk in, spend some money and never come back, but the customers who shop consistently, who choose the product over competitors’ and provide a constant stream of revenue. A mobile app gives a business the opportunity to reward such loyal customers with exclusive discounts, custom-tailored functions and hottest offers. 

Advanced sales, additional discounts and exclusive access to newest lines are just a few examples of this approach. A mobile app, once downloaded, is a constant presence – and the business can make it uniquely beneficial to most important customers, making them feel valued. Letting people know they are appreciated will go a long way in building a long-term positive relationship between the brand and the shopper.


3. Get personal

A mobile app is a unique opportunity to tailor the product to the customer. What are they looking for? Which products do they like best? What keeps them coming back? By creating functions such as wish list and asking customers about their preferences, a business can keep the product relevant to each individual shopper. It will make browsing easier for the customer, while recommendations can save his or her time and encourage shopping. Letting an algorithm do all the work in creating a personal experience is an efficient way provide a service that is exciting and valuable. Providing an extremely personal product can make the shopping experience more enjoyable and in turn, build customer loyalty.


4. Keep is useful 

A mobile app can be more than a way to promote or buy a product, but also a useful tool to the user. Giving information about the market, a backstory of products or comparison tools will work to educate the customer and help them make an informed decision. It will encourage the customer to download the app and connect to the brand, helping build that valuable relationship. 


5. Engage

No matter what the product is, a great app will keep the customer engaged throughout. With or without an Internet connection, shopping or not, a great app is fun and useful at any time. Associating a helpful service with a specific brand will ensure a prolonged and satisfying relationship between the customer and the brand. Creating an engaging experience is massively valuable for the business and beneficial to the customer.


Mobile apps are used more often, and for longer, than mobile sites. People who use a mobile app are more valuable to the business than website visitors because they are familiar with the product and the company, and already put their trust in it. All in all, a mobile app is an investment worth making – and one that will be paying off for years to come. 

By providing a customer with not just the product, but also so much more – an educational tool, way to gain exclusive products, and just a useful service – a business can develop their brand, build loyalty and engage the user. As a result, a customer will feel connected to the brand – and come back again.


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